CPR has been created to bring together a combination of practical business operations experience with sophisticated legal skill sets, to quickly focus upon each specific asset, identify the business and legal problems, and develop customized, focused business plans to resolve the obstacles that stand in the way of prompt, efficient and value maximizing outcomes. CPR aspires with every assignment not only to stop the hemorrhaging of cash, but to add real value to the asset for the benefit of its clients.

There is a difference in the nature of the challenges brought to many businesses in this recessionary cycle which demands a more sophisticated and focused approach for resolving them. From Wall Street to Main Street, the legal complexities confronting the workout and turnaround strategies are far greater in the current environment than ever before. Syndicated loans, complex management and other agreements with operators and contractors, ownership and lending structures with multiple tranches of conflicting priorities and interests and tiers of entities characterize this new period of distress. The old world receiver with the green eyeshade and simplistic turnkey "solutions" is no longer able to as effectively address the troubled asset with these complex attributes. CPR can bring the experience and skill sets internally to directly address what protects your interests and adds value.


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